I have been playing under 'The Brian McDermott Band' since my record release in 2008. The record is called 'DEEP' and was recorded by me and my great friend David Nekola. I got some immediate recognition, songs played on local anesthetic and a 3 year invitation to play at the refugee stage at Milwaukee's Summerfest. I did not expect anyone to take notice so I was utterly unprepared. I had no band, so I cobbled together something. I did the best I could but was not able to take advantage of the situation. For the last few years I've been laying pretty low, playing every month or so with a group comprised of some of Chicago's best players. David is back with me now along with Tim Mulvenna on drums and Greg Baroni on bass. We have been honing the music and learning to play together. 

Now we have found our voice. We are THE SALTFLOWERS and we are working on our first release while playing live shows in the Chicago area.